About Don and Sally Todd

Don Todd Ministry’s vision is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the world. We frequently visit countries around the world to spread His word.

Don & Sally on Don’s 70th

Don W. Todd, Founder and Executive Director of Memphis Inner City Outreach, served as Senior Minister / Pastor of Memphis Inner City Church for 16 years, until 2006, and now continues to minister in area prisons, Juvenile Court, at homeless shelters, and makes annual mission trips to several foreign countries.

In 1989 he, and Sally, his wife, began a street ministry that resulted in their mission to the homeless and poor of inner city Memphis, Tennessee.

Ministering to those in need at home and abroad includes the homeless (primarily at the Memphis Union Mission), Children at risk (locally, as well as orphans in China, Haiti, Kenya, and Cambodia), teens in trouble (Juveniles in Jail, and Juvenile Court), and area prisons.

You are invited to join Don & Sally, whether in person, or in financial and prayer support, to take the message of hope through Christ to a troubled world. Now is the time to can truly make a difference! Just follow the web site contact information to start getting involved.